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P0420 and P0302 and Timing Belt Problems

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I recently got a P0420 code from my 97 Camry LE (has about 130k on the clock). I had replaced the cat about 2 years ago, and since then I have put less then 1000 miles on it. My car is a CA emissions one but I'm driving it in NJ so I figured I wouldn't need the extra expense of the CA cat and it needed to pass emissions so I relaced the cat with a non-CA one...

I think the timing belt is on its last legs as for about 6 months now I can hear it slapping around, but I figured as the engine is non-interference, then when it breaks it shouldnt do too much damage.

I took the car out yesterday for the first time since the P0420 (cat efficiency) code triggered, and on the way back from the store, the Engine light began flashing. I had my OBD in the car & hooked it up and it had given me 2 misfire readings & was running rough. By the time I made it home (5 miles away), the car was shuddering at traffic lights on the point of stalling. It also lost a lot of power when driving.

Could a 2-year old cat be the cause of the problem or is it likely to be the timing belt and/or plugs wires?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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i dont believe the cat would cause anything like this, i could be wrong though. id check the timing belt take the cover off and see how the belt looks and same with plugs check them.

If your timing belt has been slapping around and now you car runs like sh**, it is a good bet that you jumped a tooth and are now out of time.
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