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Hey guys, noticed my 05 auto xA idling a bit rough about a month ago. A few times, it even felt as if it were about to stall at a red light. I cleaned the TB and added some fuel injector cleaner to the tank and the idle seemed to get a little better, but still is a bit rough, especially with the AC on (about 400-500 rpm's at its lowest) it does seem to fluctuate as I sit there in gear. A few days ago I got a CEL and took it to autozone to get it checked out. The codes they pulled were P0441, P0442, and P0446. A quick google search had me thinking I just knocked a vacuum hose off or something, but I checked every hose several times and can find no issues. I am dead broke, and my manufacturer warranty has expired (i'm at 73k) so I am trying to make this a DIY fix. Oh, and about 3 years ago I had the Idle air control unit replaced under TSB when it was giving me the same kind of idle problems, but hell...a $250 part CAN'T have a measly 3 year life span...can it? I remember cleaning the IACV in my last two cars when they had idle issues, can the same be done to this one?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: While going through my old post, it looks like my IAC problem a few years ago pulled a code of P0505:
Idle Control System

Different codes...I'm stumped :(
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