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I had a "Check Hybrid System" Warning one evening after a short drive. Scan produced P0A3F - Drive Motor A position sensor circuit.
Never heard of it before. So, I examine the transaxle and there's a sensor, almost identical to the camshaft position sensor on the valve cover.
I pull it out, nothing unusual there, and plug it back, clear the error, vehicle starts & runs normal. Error gone.
Next day, engine goes off on the highway. Same warning, same DTC. I manage to pull over on E-mode & repeat the same trick, doesn't clear the error this time. On closer examination, I notice the second sensor that you can get to when you remove the FL wheel.
So, I unplug & re-plug it. Error clears. Hasn't returned for two months now.
Naturally. I'm worried that the sensors may fail and I search toyota parts stores online for a replacement. Didn't find any part numbers for "motor position sensors". They're not even listed as parts related to the transaxle.
Has anyone replaced these things? Or had any reason to?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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