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96 Camry V6 1MZFE, 168,000 miles

The other day a TN'er made a great photo spread of Throttle Body cleaning. I was inspired and I decided I'd try and replicate his results (I'm noob, BTW).

Take everything off, replace TB gasket, Deep Creep, wait, rag rubbing, rub, rub, rub, brass brush, carb spray, repeat, repeat until shine and big happy.

I wanted to also break down the IAC but did not as I don't have the special orgasmatron permitting un-screwing w/o stripping the screws (I ordered this great tool, which will come in a week or so).

Get everything back on:

1. Start attempt 1 fires, dies after brief trying
2. Start attempt 2, very long attempt, sputtering like hell, tried for 40 seconds..?
3. Dink around under hood, wait 5 or 10 min
4. After great worry, start attempt 3 fires up, sustains nicely, then I note CEL with codes:

Code 1 ; P100 - MAF (Mass Air Flow) or VAF (Volume Air Flow) A Circuit Malfunction
Code 2; P110 - IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor Circuit Malfunction

I look it up in my stupid little book and remember the codes, tell my scrotumizer to ERASE, it says, "Okay, master, I do, for you..." Happy.

Turn engine off, note CEL still there :mad: , re-connect my scrotumizer, gives me SAME codes..! :mad:

Bad scrotumizer! Ignition key on, I RE-erase, and as before it sez "Okay, master, I erase for you, you so strong, so handsome...."

Start engine, fires up okay, SAME CEL light and SAME codes..! :mad:

I Re-Re-erase, scrotumizer sez, "Okay master, I do..." shut down engine, SAME CODES..! :headbang:

Hoses all appear connected, snorkel + airbox on nicely. :frown:

What I want: No codes, happy engine, WHAT DO..? There's something extra I should do, but I'm too noob to know what that is.... :frown: There's some underlying, persisting condition that I guess my cleaning introduced..? :help:

Everything seems connected, no lonely tubes or spigots, whatever. Electronic clip stuff seems well seated, connected.

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Dumb question but did you replug the MAF sensor harness and sure of it? If your code pops up again right away after a reset, usually indicates a MAF not plugged in or completely failed (which I doubt). Literally did the same thing on my Lexus 1MZFE, was doing a spark plug job and while everything was out decided to do new gaskets and clean the throttle body. Forgot 2 hoses and the MAF plug since it's towards the back and looks just like the TB plug and those threw a ton of codes.

Otherwise, did you get the MAF dirty or touch it against anything?

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BAMMO..! You rock..!

Ran out there right away to check on what u said, and YUP...!

That l'il black plastic MAF connectoer suckah was hanging down in a really dark part of the engine bay:

Connected it, key on position, OBD2 connect, delete codes, fire engine up --> NO CODES..!


TN'ers r genius..!!

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I had something similar happen to me. I plugged in my MAF backwards. On a CAI (or SRI actually), the sensor can go either yea...
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