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P1130, P1135 and VSV valve

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I have a Camry 2000 LE, with 70k miles on it. CEL came on, and I checked the codes at AutoZone.
They came out to be P1130, P1135. Air/Fuel Sensor Circuit Range/Performance, and Air/Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response.
So I took it to Meineke. I didn't know there is a $89 charge for computer diagnostics. It didn't take them that long. 40 minutes total, including an engine oil change and a tire rotation.
I felt like I was being ripped off.

And they gave me a quote for
1. VSV valve for $150
2. O2 sensor for $250
3. A/F ration sensor for $250

I couldn't understand, because I had VSV valve changed about a year ago, that controls the EGR valve. I told the guy, and he says there are three VSV valves, and the one that's out of order is the one with the Canister.

I wasn't sure whether I should believe this guy or not, so I just came home, just paying for the diagnosis.

I did some searching, but no one points to a VSV valve for the codes mentioned above.
Should I still believe these guys? or should I go to another shop, (I'll have to pay for diagnosis again..) and get a second opinion?

I had replaced the O2 sensor about 2 years ago as well.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Both codes are typical for an A/F sensor. You can purchase these sensors cheaper online at sites such as www.rockauto and install them yourself. Suggest the Denso brand, as it seems to work better in Toyota’s.

Do a TN search on changing the A/F, 02 sensor and these codes as both have come up before.

I just changed the AF sensor, and reset the code by detaching the battery.
No more check engine light. Almost got ripped off by the shop. Thank god I didn't follow their recommendations.

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