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This is what I've found.

When replacing the cooler compressor with a new one, after gradually removing the refrigerant gas from the service valve, drain the following amount of oil from the new cooler compressor before installation.


(Oil capacity inside new cooler compressor: 140 + 15 cc (4.7 + 0.5 fl. oz.) ) - (Remaining oil amount in the removed cooler compressor) = (Oil amount to be removed when replacing)


When checking the compressor oil level, observe the precautions for the cooler removal/installation.
Since compressor oil remains in the pipes of the vehicle, if a new cooler compressor is installed without removing some oil inside, the oil amount becomes excessive, preventing heat exchange in the refrigerant cycle and causing refrigerant failure.
If the remaining oil in the removed cooler compressor is too small in volume, check for oil leakage.
Be sure to use ND-OIL 8 for compressor oil.
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