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Paint code for the spoiler

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Which one is it?? 1F7 would be my guess Thanks

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Paint code for everything is the color you want.

I could put a Black paint code spoiler on my 1F7 silver car.
HA! It's the Red X...............

Is it too tough to look on your door pillar???????????
picture shows up on my screen...but anyways....

C/TR : 1F7/FB13
A/TM: -03A/U250E
the picture was of the door pillar but there are more than 1 code not a pro at this
C = Color = 1F7
C/TR means color/trim

If you feel you aren't an expert, start by using some common sense, find the list of color codes for your particular model and year, and then see if any of them match what you are looking at.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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