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Paint in the GTA

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I need to get some paint mixed to match factory color.

Im putting a wing on, and it abviously has to match my factory paint. I would prefer to do it myself, but i dont have an air compressor or anything.

Does anyone know a good/inexpensive shop where they can mix up a little for me?
And (im thinking not but) can they put it in spray cans?
Somewhere I can rent/use a sprayer to paint this thing myself?

Thnx in advance anyone :thumbup:
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I got some paint matched spray can paint online from an eBay seller. I forget his company, but I'm sure you can find him on eBay, just contact him via email and do an outside eBay purchase if there isn't one for your car on eBay, he can match any color, he just needs the paint code and make and model of car. 12 bucks a can shipping a little extra.

thnx guys :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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