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I just bought a new front bumper, (fender bender) and wonder when i have it painted should I have the lower grill on it painted white or leave it unpainted like it comes from the factory on sr5 models. I currently have the stock grill with the chrome and black. So, do i go ahead and completely paint the front bumper or leave the grill part black?
I was in your same predicament a couple of weeks ago when I had to replace my front bumper. I was thinking of painting mine silver like the rest of the truck, but to me it did not seem like it would match up with the regular grille. I figured it would look out of place to have it painted. IMO, I would mask it off and leave it black.

I would suggest though maybe posting a picture of the front of your truck in the photoshop thread and see if someone can make the bumper grille body colored for your truck. That will give you a better idea of how it will look.
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