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Paintball in NY/NJ area.

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Anyone interest in paintballing this weekend on Saturday, August 14th. No money up front or anything, just show up or we can link up somewhere. The place is called Fireball Mountain ...exit 9 off the NJ Turnpike. Its basically across the street from Englishtown Raceway. Click on the link for prices and more info. I'm going regardless with a few friends, just thought I should throw this out there and get more people to play, 10 or more people and admission prices are reduced.
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That will be during the NIagra meet. You wont that big of a turn out or any at all. Maybe the weekend after?
Yea, ur probably right. I doubt anyone would be financially ready this month after that Niagara meet anyway. Like I said, I'm going regardless, just thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
I'd come if I wasn't going to the meet:(
I believe you, ur a paintball fanatic like me. I'm jumping on a friend of mine paintball bus ride to Skirmish on September 18 (if your interested) and I'm down to tag along with you whenever you go.
Moe, where the place out in LI that you go too?

Yo whatup man. I'm down and can get people to come paintball'in. Haven't shot my Angel for a while now. I also have a case that I want to get rid of. LoL! I'm down also for that Sept 18, just give me more info how much and where the bus will be departing and if I can bring some peeps. Hit me up on my cellie 917-295-1357 -- Jay
August 28th

Well, I'm going shooting again Saturday, August 28th. Let me know if you want to roll.

$25 with ur own equipment
$45 if your renting

$45 for a case of 2000 rounds;

You can also buy bags of 500 rounds for like $15. The link to the place is on the first post.
Group pic from last trip 08/14

Album Link
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