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painted air vents

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ey.. this is my latest 'mod' ..only took one day and a little patience.. i used some chrome spray paint for the outer vent and left the blades the original black.. the far right vent's blades (pass. side) were tan so i had to spray them black.. im not a fan of 'chromed out' stuff.. but i do like the accent.


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was it hard to pull them out? i havent tried but i've been wanting to
its not that bad..just use a flat head screw driver to give you some leverage and ease it out... however, there are two vents on the dash at both sides above the a/c vents.. the one on the right pass side pops out pretty easily with a little tug and the flat head... the one on the drivers sides is a was frustrating for a bit but you just have to wiggle it out.. and glide it back in using the most horizontal angle you can get.. just make sure you dont scratch the plastic with the screw driver... i made a couple nics.. but nothing painfully noticable... oh.. and the blades tend to be tempermental too.. just be gentle. :D
What about the painting process?

Sand a bit, sand again, 2-3 layers of paint, prime, done?
looks nice man, i did a smilar thing, nto the vents just the suroundings
the texture of the plastic is pretty rough so i didnt both sanding or priming.. in the past projects ive done the spray paint will build up a little.. .and sanding and cleaning takes a while.. however i did wash and dry them thoroughly and applied about 3 light coats.. the spray paint i used had good coverage so it didnt take too long. just make sure you do a complete job since youll be able to see the underside when you tilt the vents
the have any pictures?
jokelana said:
the have any pictures?
heres an example, i did new work recently much better but my pics got deleted so ill have to take some new ones

here my old set up
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another pic sry double post, but wanted to show both pics
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Hey joke and whoever did a similar job to their vents, how did you do not to paint the "moving" (vertical) blades behind the main (horizontal) ones? Did you take them apart?
you take out the piece its two pieces, the surrounding and the acutal vent peice, paint what ever u want
yeah but can't figure out how to take the "moving blades" apart without risking to break them seriously
what yr u got, it aint hard first u get out the surrounding then the vent just pops out, very easy it just rest on lil clips and comes out, u wont break it at all take your time thats all
looks do it if i cared bout my interior mods:D
yea.. i used a pen and the blade clips popped out. .. they have their own little housing
hey, if you like it...:thumbup: sure why not

not my taste tho..
does the chrome paint actually look chrome? or is it kinda a grey, cause thats what it looks like in the pics
it looks as close as plastic can get to chrome.. works for me.
it looks as close as plastic can get to chrome.. works for me.
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