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Painting Car With Spray Paint

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I tried painting my hood with FLAT BLACK SPRAY PAINT and it did not look do I get an even finish ?????????

would PRIMER make a difference
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primer doesn't make a paint job smooth. Primer just keeps the paint from flaking off. Using a spray paint is not a good idea, specially on a hood because its such a big area to paint. You need a paint gun if you want good results. Primers a must or else the paint will just flake off easily.
Before anyone flames this kid. It can look good (this is coming from me, wow :eek: )

My friend painted his whole 88 Ford Ranger with green spray paint. Even up close it looks good. You wouldn't know it either. You would have to be inches away to tell that there isn't a gloss coat on it.

If you can find a spray paint that matches your car, and that you like, go for it/ But you'll still have to bring it to a shop to get the clear coat put on.

Good luck:thumbup:
Good tips for spray painting:
1. Hold can about 30cm (~12") away from surface.
2. Spray in ONE direction only (ie. from Left to right)
3. Do not overlap lines too much. This can be done on the second coat or when the paint is touch dry.
4. For best results, keep can upright (ie. hang the bonnet from one of the smaller holes in the back of it. Make sure that the wall and surrounding ground is covered in plastic to avoid overspray.)

5. Clear-coat is a must. A good rule of thumb i use is 2-4 coats of clear-coat to every one of paint.

Try some of these tips.. They may help, but then, they may not.
Also use thin thin coats of paint.
hm. i tried spray painting a part of my door before. after it dried the paint didn't really match the original colour of the car but other than that you can't tell it's painted unless you touch it. how do you get that original feel back? i sprayed some clear coat over it but it still feels different than the original parts?
^^ Plenty of Turtle Wax.
elvasoshexai said:
how do you get that original feel back?
wet sand then polish
my friend and me painted his maxima's front bumper and it didnt come out smooth either (even after primer and clear coat) i think wetsanding it with VERY high grit sandpaper might do the trick
wet sand it with 1500 grit sand paper then use rubbing compound then wax it also make sure the spray can paints in a "line" type and not a "circle" otherwise it will lok like ass no matter what
I use Primeal Gloss Spray Paint for my Roof Rack. So far, it wasn't chipped, flake, or fade yet. Still smooth like a baby skin.
hm. maybe the sandpaper i used to wetsand wasn't a high enough grit. where do you guys get ur sand paper from? (in scarborough area?)
after i sanded, i used some turtle wax polisher thing... left it on for 6hrs.
Hmm, anyone see this issue of Sport Compact Car? They spray painted their WRX STI Flat Black and it looks mean as f**k:eek: :thumbup:
^ yeah i was just thinking of that flat black STi as well...they took the wing off & everything it was pretty interesting and the whole car was spray painted as well :eek:

I'd just use a couple light coats of tremclad. That shit's awsome. Though I've only painted smaller parts of my car with it.
you need to wet sand with high grit sandpaper, up to 2000 grit. then use rubbing compound, it will look best that way. you need to be very patient with the sanding and make sure you get rid of all the bumps that show up when you lookit the paint in the sun. once they're all gone and the paint looks like a flat color when held up to the sun, move up to a finer grit sandpaper and keep going. sanding is the most important part of painting wiht spray cans
I painted my friend's bumper in the summer...

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some one a while back posted about a guy painting cars with thinned tremclad and foam rollers!!!!

anyway my expirience is that the cans are just a pain, using a gun is better but only if setup right....
Dont forget that the best results will be had painting indoors and within the proper temperatures. Unless you use the tremclad method with the rollers, you can paint it anywhere and in any temperature.
^^Yup that has a big effect. Imagine trying to spray outside when its cold and wind is blowing.l lol won't work. Best place is to do it inside somewhere and in the right temp.
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