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Parking Light Keeps Burning Out

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Just on the passenger side, tho. On a 3.5 i4 Camry. So far I've been through 2 parking light bulbs and the driver's side bulb is still lighting. Could it be the wiring? Or possibly a fuse somewhere? Is it safe to replace a fuse with one of a higher rating?
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my dome light/clock/deck/seat belt sensor/door sensor fuse blew and it is a mini 15 amp fuse. i replaced it with a mini 20 amp almost 6 months ago, and no problems.
better check the wiring first b4 doing the higher fuse
if it is jsut he one bulb buring out it is not going to be fuse related. BOth of the lights are run through the same fuse so that would rule that out. More than likely it is a wiring problem. Even then most likely it is a bad socket or maybe a bad ground. I am not sure what the OHM reading should be but you could check them against each other and see if there is a big difference between the two. You can also check to see what voltage is actually being applied to the socket. EIther high or low could cause the bulbs to burn out prematurely.
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