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Parking lot accident

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Ok so yesterday this guy (he was real nice about it) backed into me in a parking lot. I had just pulled out of the stall and put it into neutral when i notice him backing up so I just waited but then he never stopped i tried to honk horn but he didnt hear it:sosad:. I am in alberta, and it was pretty clearly his fault. SO the damage is not bad but I need a new bumper, that little panel under the headlight, front quarter panel and fender, none of the lights were damaged.

My questions is how much would that be to repair?? cause I was thinking we could settle without ins. and then i could get an arb bumber for roughly the same cost maybe 200$ more:naughty:. I haven't talked to him about not going to ins but i would think it would be in his best interest, I also don't wnat to screw him on the $ part of it. Advise maybe suggestions thanks guys!

PS I will post pics when i get home​
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A girl i know got 850 for getting her new white rear 2006 tacoma sport bumper replaced with the brackets.. Only 200-325 in parts if i recall right..

Tell him 500 and it's even.. lol You'll have to buy the OEM bumper and have it painted and paint will be 150 bumper is probable 350 knowing toyota i've not checked the front..

It always sucks when you don't use insurance though cause next time you talk to him about it he'll say " I don't know what your talking about"
I dont know how Canada works but if it was in the states I'd hope u got a police report.
$1000 Canadian, and then drive across the border to buy your parts.
Problem is it's not just the bumper but the quarter panel, and fenders, and that little piece under the headlight (it was on the passenger side btw). So my guess was $1500 for no ins??? or could it be more.

On a happier note my 5100s just arrived (about 2 mins ago)
Post some good pics and I'll write you up an estimate. Your gunna have to figure out exchange yourself. Also labor rate vary from city to city here in the states, so I have no idea what they are like up north. But at least I can get you a rough idea.
Just go get an estimate from a local body and shop to give you an idea.

I dont know how Canada works but if it was in the states I'd hope u got a police report.
Thats' if they will even investigate a traffic accident on private property. My accident a couple weeks back, the cop came and told me that. I'm now waiting on the ins. companies to fight it out. This is apparently how it works in SC, at least.
Every state is different, some require police reports. Some will only have the police respond if there is injury. Gotta check your local laws.
Here are the pics

Sorry truck is a little dirty but you get the point.

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I would go thur inusrance. It looks pretty bad. The hood doesnt even line up and you headlight tabs might be broken.
Couple questions. Can you tell why the hood to headlamp gap is messed up on the right side? Maybe broken mount tabs? From the pictures it's hard to tell, but I assume the rt fender has a buckle in it from being shoved back, is this the case.

Just by looking at the pictures, I bet there is more damage then meets the eye. There are some weird things going on there. I would take it to a shop to get it fixed rather then trying to cash out and do it yourself. I can still write you up an estimate though just to give you a rough idea.
I recently had a lady hit my parked truck in the rear, broken headlight and scratched bumper( good ol Alberta drivers huh) Anyhow she wanted to settle without insurance and thought the light it self was a 20 part and when she heard over 600 she hung up on me. I'd say get a few estimates, show him one of the higher ones and see if he is willing to pay that out, if not i wouldnt take anything less than a reputable estimate. Also for all you know some internals could be broken so it may end up costing you more than you think. There were 200$ worth of parts broken in the tailgate assembly on mine they didnt find untill they took it apart and my damage looked minor compared to yours. For you americans you dont need a police report in canada unless it's over a $1 000 or 1500$ in some provinces. Im no autobody guy but that ding looks like a 2 G job.
There's no reason in the world why you shouldn't be using your insurance. Of course, if your state is different than mine and cops DO investigate property accidents, you'd need a police report.
I really didn't see the gap in the heaplight-hood until you mentioned it.
My first thought was to get an arb bumper if the guy wanted to settle without ins. i am thinking $1700 (I am going to get some estimates for him he and I talked so he sounds like he wants to avoid ins.) then the new arb bumper $900 shipped (which I could install myself) then for the fender it is just 2 tabs that are broken but what i need to know is the headlight being out how bad could the fix be?
He's considering not using insurance so he can put on an aftermarket front end, this happens alot. Especiall in Alberta because insurance premiums are so rediculasly high, some people would rather pay out the damage in full so that for the next 5 years they dont end up paying another 3-500 $ a year on insurance. I debated doing the same thing in my case because i want to eventually shave the rear bumper of my truck as it is, so take the money it would cost to fix it and apply that to your aftermarket, that is if the person at fault is willing to pay out of pocket. To tell you the truth i've never really crawled under the front end of my truck.. too low for me (225lbs) but yea a few things look banged up and out of place. I suppose if you get a few good estimates then you know all the parts that need to be replaced and if you can do it yourself you may have a nice new aftermarket bumper paid for.
^Then he gets what he gets, not to mention that the at fault party could just simply deny everything, hence the reason insurance should be involved.
Hey, I can tell you that my estimate was almost $2800 for my truck. My truck was repaired with OEM Toyota parts and this was the list:

Bumper Cover $207.51
Flex Adhesive 8.00
Upper retainer side 26.75
Raw Bumper Adhesion 25.00
Cover Ext 61.42
Bumper Filler (Blue) 27.95
Bumper Filler (Black) 27.95
Headlight 250.89
Fender 288.62
Wheel Molding 222.86
Fender Liner 85.28

That was the parts list after my accident, EDIT - the link to my accident:
Labor = 971.80
Parts + Paint + supplies = 1310.12
Materials = 286.59
Tax = 231.17
Total 2799.68
I know Tacosalad can be more accurate with a repair list for your vehicle, just wanted to throw you what it cost me. Thank god for insurance in my case.
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We only need to let ins know if we need them (i have his policy number if ness.) and the police report does not need to be done till repairs are ness.
here are more photos
this is of the grill the drivers side clips have come losse (are they broken or just out of place) compared to pass. side
drivers side

pass side

and from the drivers side on the outside of the truck

Pass side headlight (damaged side)

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Looks pretty expensive. I would say at least 2 thousand
The fact that the grille clip are broken (from the picture they are missing) signifies something more is going on. I would speculate that there is some core support damage, at least to the baffle area. I can get you a rough figure when I get to work tommarrow, but honestly, I would swing it by a shop and have them look at it. There is only so much you can tell by pictures, you really need to see it in person. Stop by a reputible repair shop and see what they say. They should be able to give you some better advice. I have poeple all come into my shop all the time that are in your very position, and I have no problem letting them know what I would do, even if the wont bring it to me for repairs.
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