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Parking spots?! We dont need no stinking parking spots!

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Well I was in DC again, completly forgot about the Cherry Blossom festival. After almost running over about a dozen people, me and my friend decided to head over to the C&O Canal just past the Maryland border. We get to our favorite area, and the lot is packed. People were everywhere... So I made my own parking spot. Snaped a few pics and we were off on our mountain bikes. Enjoy :)

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awesome! i love your truck man. i want a 6" lift sooooooo bad...
lol king of the mountain
Thanks guys.

You get those connectors soldered yet hsracer201?

Also I edited one of the pics, HDR Tonemapped it. Enjoy :)
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nice truck man. Looks great !
What does your license plate say this time?
Run 'em over?
What does your license plate say this time?
RNEM OVR :thumbsup:

Bad ass bro! BLHM anytime soon?
No, I dont like the BLHM on SS's. Dosnt look right imo
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