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Part 2 The Saga Continues

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So I just bought my 04 Camry, had her for 3-4 days and had to take her back b/c when I picked up there were 2 dents and a ding that Ooopppps Carmax didn't notice...riiiiiiiiiiiight. So they had my car for 8 days :eek: I picked her up tonight and there was glue and black marks allllll over my carpet. Um hello? Are you kidding me with this crap? I had to raise more hell with these people and they finally gave me a new mats so I would shut the hell up. Now of course my car smells like terpentine cause of the cleaner they used to TRY and clean my mats. I am so not amused.

So my dash is all littered with dust and it's sad. I was hoping to take some pics, but need to get it all cleaned. What do you all use for interiors usually? I also have a shoe print (don't get me started) on my dash above the glove box...ideas?

Needless to say I am glad I have her back and ready now to start working on alla the stuff I want to get done, tints, alarm, rims, system.

As soon as all of the drama has unfolded, I will post pics.
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awe...well i hooked u up wit all the stuff u need to make it look new ull be set...and get some pics soon!
gotta show them they can't mess with your car :D
To clean the dust off of your dash, use Armor All. You can get the wipes or the spray. You can use the spray with a rag and it leaves your interior shiny and protects it from the sun. You can find it anywhere, from Wal-Mart to Auto Zone. Hope everything works out! Good luck!
glad you didnt have to tear any new ones..:thumbup:

where are those pics.?;)
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