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Hello All !

I don't want to see all this go to a salvage yard when a lot of folks here could use these items. Not looking to make a fortune just a little to make it worth my time.

Edit: per new forum rules...shipping from Memphis, Tn area. I have never shipped internationally. I suppose if a member wanted to coach me thru it I would.


Parting out a 1996 Camry so if you see some thing you'd like just shoot me a Private message & I'll get back as soon as I can.

I will post more pics as I get time or you can go to Jim's Cars & Trucks on to see all the pics. If you see something that's part of an assy just let me know exactly what you need. I suppose I could take a check in mail but probably PayPal is the way to go. Just let me know if you see something. Try not to low-ball too bad and I'm sure we can make a deal. Just make it worth my time to dismantle, pack & ship. I just don't want to see all this go to salvage yard.3


4 15" Aluminum Alloy Wheels: $60ea. / $200set4 + Shipping

Exterior Door Handles: $12ea., $40 set/4. + shipping

Both Exterior Mirrors(functioning): $39ea., $75pr. + shipping.........................................................SOLD the R.H. Passenger side!!!

Steering Wheel: $ 50, $60 w/ctr.cover + shipping

Interior Mirror: $29 + shipping

Heater A/C Controls: make an offer...

Int. Fuse Box + OBD2 PORT: make an offer...

Front Cup Holder (intact): $ 15 assy + shipping...............***SOLD FRONT CUP HOLDER ASSY TODAY..THANKS TODD!

Glove Box Front Face door w Lock/latch & key!: $31 + shipping

Interior Front panel, w/o handle or switches, etc.: $49 + ship charge

Interior Rear Panel w/o handle or switch, etc. left or right side: $39 + shipping

Dash Panel A/C Registers: offer?

Headlight Dimmer Switch: $18 + shipping

Master Switch Assembly: $39 + shipping

Sun Visor Assemblies, Ivory/tan/oak color: $19ea.+ shipping

Window & DoorLock Combo Switches: $12ea.+ shipping

Shift Knob for 5 Speed: $18 + shipping AND TRUCKS ETC/1397625135_zps65f45b7b.jpg

Coin Pocket/Box (at left knee height) : $10 + shipping**********************************************SOLD!*********

Wiper & Washer Switch Assy*************************************************************SOLD!*********

Window Glass, or Regulator/motor or Whole Door Assy: make offer. /1397625266_zpsec30b8bd.jpg.html?sort=3&o=17
**********************************************left rear window motor+regulator is gone!!!!!!****************

Left Rear Taillight assy.: $25ea + shipping

Right Rear Taillight assy.: $25 + shipping

Gas Lid Assy: $12, Or Gas Cap: $5 + shipping SOLD!! MAY WE SELL YOURS? :)

Rear Package Tray Assy. in good shape, not dry-rotted: $29.99 + shipping, Or Speaker covers (in good shape!): $ 9.99set + shipping

Trunk Plastic Pocket (on LH side of trunk for misc. storage): $8 + shipping

Brake Master Cylinder........$25 plus shipping. ETC/1403729713_zps0e51cafe.jpg?t=1403731397

Clutch Master Cylinder.......$25 plus shipping. ETC/1403730611_zpsd7255ec4.jpg?t=1403737503

88650-06040 Super-cedes to 88650-33050 A/C Air Amplifier.................$20 plus shipping. ETC/1403729713_zps0e51cafe.jpg?t=1403731397

Ignition Coil Pack 90919-02197...........$20 plus shipping. ETC/1403730609_zpsd14612ed.jpg?t=1403731191

Toyota Cruise Control Computer# 88240-33020 1996 CAMRY AND TRUCKS ETC/1403561442_zpsfb695e11.jpg

Toyota Cruise Control Motor/Actuator (under hood) ETC/1403730603_zpsf5154e9d.jpg?t=1403731201

TOYOTA PART# 25870-74090 EGR VACUUM MODULAtOR $12 + SHIPPING ETC/1405354048_zps6724b6a9.jpg?t=1405363877

TOYOTA PART# 25620-74300 EGR VALVE ASSY $25 + SHIPPING ETC/1405354057_zps5545ccdf.jpg?t=1405363884

And all the Misc. Fuses and Relays: make an offer...individually or all

More pics and part numbers to come on fuses & relays!

Also, more to come on misc. switches, etc.

Thanks For Your Support! :D

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