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Parting out 1994 Camry

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I am parting out a 1994 camry. green with beige interior. Standard shift 4 cylinder. Car has been hit in right front fender, and door. E-mail direct for needs. Thanks. [email protected]
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What size is the engine? How much are you asking for it??? Also, I just posted a body for a 1993 Camry. I'm selling this also for $850.00
Parting out 94 Camry

Already sold engine, and tranny
I need the metal peice that the rear sway bar bushing retainer is attached to. sounds a little confusing, but let me know if you still have it. I need the driver's side one.
parting out out 94 camry

Yes i have that sway bar part. I'll e-mail you. Thanks
NDO 54 sway bar part

Please e-mail me direct [email protected]
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