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parting out two complete trucks

1984 runs good and is 22RE but is rolled over so cap top driver side damage and front clip left damage

the 1987 is not wrecked and is 22R carb engine but it doesnt run and has been sitting parked for a couple years, it
has no starter or radiator so dont know anything about engine but it has all other parts on it

both 5 speed manual, one is W56 trans and other is G52 trans

both trucks have code G292 axles 4.10 open 8"

the 87 truck has custom built wooden flat bed thats actually pretty heavy and nice, 7 foot long solid treated nice lumber 4x4 and strong treated deck boards

the 84 has a custom built nice rear square tube heavy steel bumper setup thats pretty unique interesting and good looking and is black and not rusted at all

tan and gray interior items
both good shape fuel tanks and parts not rusted junk at all.
1984 22RE radiator
power steering boxes
two rear and two front axles all 4.10 ratio
all front and rear driveshafts
all 4 cyl 5 speed 4x4 crossmembers

will mail smaller parts like lights dash parts some engine parts, trim pieces, brackets, etc,

big parts or chassies or whatever need to be come and picked up or can ship freight but is costly, up to 150 bucks freight depending on size and weight, but i can arrange it from a local junkyard that sends and receives freight semi truck shipments every day of engines and other big parts.

i also have some parts left from an 88 2wd i had a couple years ago,. some dash parts and electrical parts and a vent glass for driver side door, 22REC injector wire plugs, vacuum electrical switches on engine, ignitor and coil, stock silver and black toyota grille badge emblem, and some other parts...

what do you need and what is fair for it? lets discuss!

gonna strip some random parts that i think someone may be able top use and then trucks go to shredder, pretty soon finally. am cleaning up for winter time coming. also getting rid of a 57 chevy 4 door parts car and parting a complete 1980 K20 4x4 pickup, and some other stuff too soon,.

lets talk?

you can PM, email, or text me 217 671 7792 anytime,. no calls to this number please-
fastr68 on yahoo msngr also

lincoln il near springfield on I-55

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the 87 is cut up as of yesterday,

most of the cab, the rear half of frame, and the 22R engine are all loaded onto my truck for a scrap run in about 6 hours. all parts obolted to engine including compressor and power steering pump and alternator and carb are on engine for scrap, and gone in the am.

if i should save any part then let me know in text 217 671 7792 right awya before about 830am central time or it wil be too late after that ill be on the road to the shredder after 830 or so.,

saved for a few days:

dash and all parts,
column parts
wiper motor and parts

sliding back glass
tranny and trans case
steering parts and box

lemme know soon. or its to the shredder.

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only keeping front diff

steering box

cv shafts


not much else

rest hititng shredder in a couple days

all body is gone i stripped goodies fro and took to shredder, the nose and cab

the front half frame chassis is next now since i got the above parts from it

if you need something then let me know quick because its gonna be in shredder real quick now

steering parts, rotors, calipers, engine mounts for 22R, trans case mount and crossmember, all that stuff hititng shredder unless someone says they are interested in any

can text me 217 671 7792

lets talk

will mail 48 states if not over 70lbs or oversized

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trucks all gone now,

have misc parts left now
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