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I just picked up a 1994 Geo Prizm (7th gen Corolla), manual, with a bad motor I intend to strip out and use as an autocross car. The car is going to be stripped, other than the dash board and probably the cluster, every piece of the interior is available for sale. Just tell me what you need, I'll take some pics and well work out a price and shipping.

The engine and transmission are also available, as will be the stock ECU. The engine and trans have166,000 miles on them, it runs and drives but its knocking worse than anything I've ever heard. Previous owner claims the head was reworked when he took the car in to have a new head gasket installed a few years back so that could be useful, and the clutch in it is supposed to only be a year old.

All items are located in Huntsville, AL. If you could arrange a local pick up for some of the larger items like seats that would be fantastic.
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