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Just wondered if anyone else gets the Performance Products calalog that is Toyota truck specific? I definitely don't work for them, and I saw what happened to the dude who mentioned a parts/repair manual available on Ebay, so I was hesitant to mention this catalog, but it's awesome. Mine comes every 3-4 months and the last one was 115 pages of all Toyota truck goodies....exhaust systems, coil overs, TRD stuff, cheapo crappy things too but the point is...ALL TOYOTA TRUCK STUFF!!! FREE!!!! Catalog is free that is. I ordered some things from them over the years with no problems, but even if I didn't order from them having the catalog is cool to get an idea of what is out there at what kinds of prices. I checked out their web site and it was cool, but I like the catalog better. 1-800-588-7454 for the catalog. It's like porn for Tacoholoics. I think my wife wishes I was into something more normal...well, like porn for instance. Me drooling over truck parts is too much for her.
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I also get there catalog some if there stuff is over priced. My wife is the same way between my Taco and my CRF I am aways looking to buy stuff for one or both of them. :lol:
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