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Parts List / CD

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Does anyone know where to get a parts catalog / list / CD for a '91 NA MR-2?

I hear that only CDs were available but so far I haven't had any luck finding one.

Thanks for your help!
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No ideas anyone???

Microfiche sucks... there must be a better way.....
There were a few on eBay a while back... but I don't see them on there now. You might wanna keep your eye out there.
Try Steve for an EPC:

[email protected]
Sorry, I didn't see this thread until someone emailed me. Yes, I do have them. These have the Scion and Lexus lines as well as all Toyota vehicles. It also includes pricing. The price tables are not the latest, but they are close. Toyota prices change every 3 months.

It's a 2-CD set that I must crack each one to bypass the licensing. So if you want a set, email me at [email protected].

Worth every freaking penny! Thanks Steve!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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