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hey, from Ca.. I just got my Matrix Xrs and April '04, I've been scoping it out for a few months along with some detailed research. It's an Indigo Ink Pearl XRS w/ all the trimmings, including 17" factory chrome wheels & 45/17 tires, except the sunroof and annoying roofrack. I have a list of goodies that i want to put on it. So far i've installed a short ram intake, strut bar, redline racing pedal and redling shift knob, red TRD floormats i'm trying to get a color scheme going and blue and purple lights. Anyway I'm huntin' an exhaust syst. and coil covers to drop just a smidge. A bodykit would be cool, from the 4 that i can get a hold of. But I want to start internally and work my way out. I've done the research on the pricing and the products out there that i can afford, having a baby kinda limits your spending, ya' know. Any helpful hints and idea's are welcome. spank u very mucho

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looks like ur off to a good start sir
since u did ur research alrdy
ur doin ok so far
as for ideas and hints or what not
seems like u got it all figured out
if theres any specific things u want to know
just post up then

i think pixies are in order btw
and oh yeah, welcome to the forums

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welcome to the forums and to the Matrix family. good start on all your mods. some other things you can get for your car that don't cost that much is the progress rear sway bar and also the energy suspension motor mounts. also check out for more infor on your car. also they have a link there to where you can get 5% on the mods they have.

enjoy you new car.. and welcome :D
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