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parts swapping

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I have an 83' SR5, with a 22R. It has a singing trans in all gears but 4th. Thinking about swapping the trans with one from a 79 SR5 3/4 ton, as well as springs and rear end, maybe even beds since the newer one is trashed and the rustier of the 2. Any beta on what would cause the singing trans? Thanks, yanertrivr
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if both trannies are either 4 speeds , or 5 speeds and both 2wd , or 4wd .

if your putting the 5 speed in place of a 4 speed , you'll have to use the drive shaft as well . 5 speed is a little longer ... the belhousing bolt patterns are the same on eith or .
but if your going from a 2wd to 4wd .. It wont work .

hope that helps .
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