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Hello Nation,

Hope that this is a simple quick question.

After a recent radiator hose failure I've been investigating my coolant hoses. I did a quick fix to get back on the road.

Rounded-up the upper & lower radiator hoses and the large diameter ell-shaped hose that runs from the thermostat housing rear to a tube below the intake manifold.

Was going to proceed with these replacements when I got thinking about the heater hoses too.

Just left the Autozone site and the only hose they list is one ell-shaped hose identified as 'throttle body to pipe'.

Now I know that can't be the only hose because I can see the heater core inlet/outlets at the firewall.

Just how many hoses are involved with the heater system?
Can I simply use some bulk hose of proper ID cut from roll by parts store or do I need to see Toyota parts for factory-type assemblies?

My manual is kind-of silent in this regard.

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