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Paseo Intake?

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I recently bought a intake of ebay from a seller named LIVEONSPEED and it didnt come with instrutions. It had a clear line that goes into the intake tube but i don't know where that goes and a rubber gromet thats on the side of the intake tube what goes in it? thanks i have pics but i dont know how to post them. thanks
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did you upload your image some where? you can upload it at
then copy that link and put the
around the link when you post it on this board
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This picture is the clear line that i have no clue where it goes.

This picture is the black rubber gromet looks like a pcv or something goes in?
if there are no pieces that fit those 2 items on the stock intake then i think he either gave you the wrong one, or they can be left alone..... thats my take on it.
i dont recommend you leaving any open hoses off your intake. if there is no piece on the stock intake to fit there, he gave you the wrong intake. on the other hand , it still looks pretty good, and all you need to do is plug the holes, for it to be totally functional.
The hose that went to the factory air box lid is where the tube goes, and the electric sensor that was in the factory airbox goes in the grommetted hole.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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