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passed CA.state refiree

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well as some of you know i got sited for my intake and exoust on my gen 3.i went to the ref and he said since i dont have the carb tag for my obx intake he cant pass it but if i put the stock one on he took me 10 min and then he did all the test and passed with flying colors.he couldnt belive i had 190,000 on the od.:D
i said i would ask about a 1mz-fe turbo and he said the only way is to do a complet swap with a 1mz that came with a turbo you need everything from motor to ECU.i thught the mr2 came with one but MRQ said he didnt think so:thumbdown well that ends that.
well i went with hard to do but possibul swap,i asked about doing a 2jz and rear wheel drive out of a supra,he said that is the best bet but sounds like alot of i guess the only way to do ether of them you need to find a whole car with ECU and when you go to get it tested by the ref it cant have any problem codes
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i wonder if the turbo kits from will be carb legal?? :dunno:
Doubt it...I got the impression that it's a hell of a lot of work to get a product CARB legal.
soory no thay arent and that is why i was asking mabe making it work for us CA.people
what are the requirments in making something like a turbo or S/C CARB Legal?
in cali thay must have been offerd with that motor.
I.E. if the 1mz in a mr2 cam with a turbo than you can say you did a engin swap but you need to swap out the ECU and every thing.
undowing the cruse and relocating the battery is fine but you basicly need the ECU to say it is the car you pulled the motor of with out errors:thumbdown and it has to be your year or newer.
i think i will look for a f*ckup supra and go that way sounds like the same amount of work to get i legal:confused:
so what make certain aftermarket CAI, or mufflers CARB legal while others are not?
it has to keep emissions within a very thin margin of the original spec, without retuning the ECU or Smog-control devices. A whole lot of it is waiting periods for it to be approved by the board, since they meet quarterly.

when you look at it from an environmental standpoint, in principle, it make a lot of sense, but there are a lot of loopholes in the laws that makes them null and void.
Sportivo Concepts said:
so what make certain aftermarket CAI, or mufflers CARB legal while others are not?
i dont know but i got the B.A.R. phone# so i'm going to call them and find out what thay say.i'm not giveing up on getting a ca legal turbo setup
im gonna have to say that california sucks....the ref? thats messed up
^i second that
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