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Passeneger fron side window problem!?

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Today i noticed a cracky noise in my pass. side window the fron one, while using my driver side power switch to close the window! It was open about one inch maybe, and when i tried to close it, it barely made it to get closed, with that noise like grrrrrrrrr .
Any before experience anyone? Or do i have to buy the whole pass. side unit?
ps: last week i had my both front pass and driver side windows down about 2 inches, and i used my driver side switches both at the same time to close both pass and driver front side windows? Does that has to do anything with it?
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Can't see where using multiple switches at once would do any harm. Is there any difference when you use the passenger side switch? If it works OK then you likely have an amperage problem which might mean a frayed wire or carbonized switch, etc. If not it is likely a lubrication problem or a window regulator/motor getting old.

You didn't mention what year your Camry is but since you're on this forum I presume that you have the cable driven regulator. You could remove the door panel and see if anything is loose (which might cause a bind). You could lubricate the cables. The two tracks that the window travels through might be dirty but I'm not sure what to suggest to clean them.

o/ im sorry, My Camry is 1998 LE model ...
yeah the pass. front side like i said, i tried both switches on the driver side that controls the pass side window, and the pass side switch that controls it's own window, and does the same thing ...
I'm gonna try to open the panel over the weekend(never done it before), and see if there is anything loose, or like you said any dirt or anything ... but i'm gonna try. So far i've been keepin it closed & used the lock for whole windows on the car that i have on my driver side panel!
Thanks Kep
There are some good pictures of the door panel on the forum. Do searches for "master switch" and "regulator" and you should find some. There are some in the sticky section on DIYs.

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