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Window will go up but when coming down it will slip off the tracsk. Panel removal resulted in seeing the tabs not adhered to the window sash.

The tabs or sash clips appear to have been debonded from windshield.

Questions for forum

1. What easily obtainable adhesive is most appropriate ? I see a 3M 08641 "Automotive channel bonding and sidelite adhesive" but it's base coast is $20 $ adn then you need a special caulking type gun and a mixing nozzle that adds up to be more than I think it should be vs getting a glass shop to do it.

2. Am i missing something in that is there some reason the original glue failed that I am missing? I am told the OEW from factory almost never fails but aftermarket parts do fail. I do nto know the history the car as it is the gfs.

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You can look at the etched information on the corner of the glass that is displayed to see if it matches the rest of the glass on the car. That would at least tell you if it is in fact oem or not.

I have had some good luck with Gorilla Glue, available everywhere, but you will need to clamp it to the glass with a spring loaded clamp for many hours before it would be good to go. If both surfaces are flat and clean you could also try using one of the various 'superglue' concoctions.
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