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My camera is not the best... But the car's so damn sexy, I could capture it with a 1 megapixel phone camera and still be hot. :thumbsup:

New mods:
1) UR strut bar
2) UR sway bar
3) Gene's CF hood (triple clear coated. Thanks Gene!)
4) My old megan coilovers, now corner balanced lol.

I finally got my old coilovers back! Literally.. Not the brand name megans.. But my actual coilovers haha. Gene did all the install for me, while I watched him. Car mechanics are interesting things...

On with the pics! I hope you guys can see the New Generation roof spoiler. It looks better than the old ones, even though most of you guys didn't agree :)

And the drink I always get at starbucks... Guess what it is?

All I need is a retune @ 10PSI and I'm good to go :)

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wellll my friend madd dumped his passat and he broke his oil pan haha
so there is a reasonable range of "low"

do you park on the street or can you even make it up your drive way lol

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nice job Paul. hehe yea would look better slammed. i wanna see what you dyno now.
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