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It's possible you would not know the car was repaired, before you bought it. The law in my state (Virginia) allows a new car to be repaired without telling anyone, if the damage is less than 7% of the "actual cash value" of the car when it was brand new.
Actual cash value is an ambiguous word, but that is a variable under the control of the dealership where the damage occurred. They control that value and can make it most anything they want to to stay under the 7% threshold. Most manufacturers (to my current knowledge) offer replacement bumper covers with factory paint and I don't think I have ever seen it peel like it has in those pictures.
See if a pre painted bumper cover is available. They never match the rest of the body perfectly and they are not painted with the rest of the metal body as the ovens they are baked in would destroy plastic.
There is a liquid additive that the aftermarket uses to paint flexible plastic parts, that softens the surface of the plastic and allows the paint to actually chemically bond to same plastic. Seen lots of them torn up in accidents, but never peeling paint like that.
Not saying it is impossible, but very highly unlikely
1 - 1 of 39 Posts