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Many car companies have switched to eco cheapo paints that they're having problems with. They're required to use it for anticipation of when the car eventually makes it to the graveyard. Old school paints had chemicals in them that would create an environmental concern where as new paint seems to be biodegradable i suppose. Lol recall? No i don't think that's what recalls are intended to do. TSB- is what you're looking for. Carcomplaints has good stats for customer complaints. They pull data from nhtsa mostly. It's not everything but there's a lot there. Wrap the car in vinyl. It'll look way better and you don't have to worry anymore about peeling paint nor in the future. Unless u take off the wrap, in which case i bet your paint goes with it.. Worth pointing out i see damage to your bumper that could have accelerated any problem you are having now. Finish peeling it and it'll look 10x better as all black especially with the grill
1 - 1 of 39 Posts