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try doing a search before asking somethin like this. the camry FAQ is there for a reason.

- Moderately affordable
- Slightly more drop than H&R/Eibach
- Not as well-known compare to H&R/Eibach
- Not heat treated from the factory so "sagging" occurs after time.
- Harsher ride quality than Eibach or H&R

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search search search. it is located at the top of the page right under your name to the right hand side of the screen. You can even do an advanced search and get more info. There is also a sticky taht has lots of spring information. here is the info copied from that thread.


-w/a body kit - Intrax 1.75" are better riding than Sprints 1.8" or VIS

-w/out a body kit - I have come to the conclusion that H&R's offer the best
of looks (w/ the right size tires and rims), comfort and sharp handling w/a
1.25" drop.

Your other options are Eibachs 1.0" and B+G 1.6"
The Eibach drop is not really noticeable. I personally want the drop of the
B+G's (w/ 215/50/17's I should get about a 1.5 finger gap in front and 1
B+in back) but I've heard very mixed reviews on them. Everything from "identical to Eibach", "Love em to death" and "they're mushy"
I don't know if mushy is a bad thing tho. I think of stock as mushy. If
mushy in this case means softer ride and less (but still better than stock)
cornering stability... tha'd be ok by me.

I'd say the ideal size and proportion rim/tire for a gen3 is... 215/50/17 - 215/45/18 - (w/a low drop) xxx/40/18

Gap in finger width w/ 215/50/17... ( -F / R- )
Eibach 3-3.5 / 2.5-3
H&R 2.5 / 2
B+G 2-1.5 / 1.5-0.5
Intrax 1.5-1 / 0.5-tuck
Vogtland 2.5 / 2
Sprint 1 / tuck
VIS c/o adj. / adj.
JIC Majic c/o adj. / adj.

FYI - Struts and tire profile make a diff in stifness.
KYB's will be softer than Tokico's and the lower profile you go the harsher
the ride.
and here is the link to the thread if you want to go look at it for yourself

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intrax apparently uses heat treated metal rods, thats why they do not heat treat their springs, they cold wind them into the spring from the metal rod. i have the intrax, of course i just got it a while ago so i can't tell you if it sags or not. but yeah its stiffer with the stock shocks and i think they're good. i can't give you any comparasions cause i haven't used any others. so all i can say is intrax are good. i'm on stock shocks about to get some tokicos so can't help u much with your shocks there..

but yeah, please do a search and then anything you don't understand, need clarifying, then ask. =)

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i drive a 2 door 95 on eibachs with tokico struts and it handles like its on rails. when i have my 18's on the ride is a a little bit ruff but thats the trade off with a stiffer spring and strut combo. if i was to do it over i would spend the money and do an air bag system. a friend has it in his mustang and it handles real nice.

good luck with it
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