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performace parts/ideas

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Just wondering if anyone knows of local shops or websites In the LA/Riverside CA, for performance parts for a 92 toyota reg cab 22RE 2WD pickup, or any ideas on how maybe to jazz it up a bit?
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yes i would like to know the same answer to this question, although i have a 01 xcab and i am looking for some headers and exhaust., mabey a new engine managment system for better air/fuel ratio?
I dont know about shops in your area, but as far as performance goes...I saw a bad @$$ rock crawler that was absolutely unstoppable here in washington. It was built from a 1981 toyota 4X4 chassis with a 22re motor. but it just had headers+exhaust and a cam. and thats it engine wise! (it was lifted of course) but it was a monster! so theres a starting point for ya
Also see
I've got two friends with highly modded 22R's and both are pretty happy with the performance, even when running full tilt all day in the dunes.

Great quality parts and great service has been my experience, and these guys only do Toyota, so they are focused on your needs. Yes, they focus on the 4x4, but that shouldn't be any sort of problem since the parts we are talking about are going to be pretty much the same in most cases.
Those web sites are great but there expensive and they dont answer questions. 4 wheel parts located in Riverside this is a great store with all the parts to build a toyota all years and makes check out there site Also the prices are really low really low.
I just bought a 93 22re reg cab. I wasnt too impressed with the engine power. So I installed a Thorley header and a flowmaster. I was pretty inpressed with the power increase. Then I got rid of the 120 lb camper, the 30lb tailgate, the 110lb rear bumper,and the 45lb spare tire. Now its a lot better. In the near future I will install an intake and a cam. I forsee the cam giving me the most power increase.
check out can always swap a 7mgte into your truck......check out or for some cheap,low mileage JDM engines.
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