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I'm a new member of the site and have owned a Matrix XRS since 2003. My current is a 2006 stock Matrix XRS. I would love to improve the handling/suspension and overall performance of my 2006 XRS. I enjoy driving this car as is but would like to take it to the next level.

I've read a number of posts on the site talking about cold air intakes exhaust systems etc, but I really don't know where to start and who to go to (reliable and trust worthy) for the intallations.

Does anyone have a Matrix(no pun intended) on which items are cost effective to start with and give you an immediate bang for the buck?

Here's what I assume will be my escalation in improvements and would appreciate reccomendations on products that fit. I currently live in the Toronto( GTA west area).

1) Cold Air Intake or RAM (not sure the difference

2) Exhaust sytem and headers - possibly magnaflow cat back any reccomended headers?

3) Sway bars - recommendations?

4) Suspension and braking - recommendations?

5) Are there any chips that can be installed to improve engine performance?

6) Performance clutch and shifter?

7) Tires and RIMs eventually

8) turbo chargers vs superchargers -what's the difference and do they exist for the 2006 Matrix XRS

I'd like to see what you've done with your Matrix XRS so I'd greaty appreciate some photos and descriptions of your improvements.

This newbie needs help.

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So you own two Matrix XRS or sold your 03 XRS and got an 06 XRS afterwards??:confused:

Either way, you should start with a Injen CAI first since it will give the most dramatic changes to the engine character and behavior for the money. It is also one of the cheapest mods you can get and gives one of the best gains overall. Also, CAI intake will be better during extended periods of driving as compared to SRI since with engine bay getting hot, SRI tends to lose power due to heat soak. Hot air is the biggest enemy of power generated from the engine. CAI filter is placed behind the air dam so it pulls cold and fresh air from outside. I would recommend exhaust afterwards and suspension mods subsequently. Yes there is ECU and lift tuning that could be done with Hydra engine management system, but save it for last since it also costs the most. :thumbup:

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As Frank said, go meet the TO guys. Mike (mikes_matrix) on MO does some of the modding installs for a small fee (he's a Toyota technician and has an 05 XRS exactly like mine). He installed my Eibach Prokits lowering springs and block heater. For intake, you are pretty much resigned to the Cosmo for 05,06 XRS due to the air pump addition in these model years. They are also one of the cheaper intakes on the market and perform as well as the more expensive AEM, Injen, etc. They aren't very difficult to install either. Mike can help you out with some advice like what to do with the vacuum lines, etc. . As for exhaust, most popular is the Magnaflow catback. You should be able to buy it in Toronto cheaper than anywhere else. Ask on MO, I forget the name of the place, that's where I bought mine. As for sway bars, you have several options. Again check out MO and do some searches, you'll be reading for hours! Good luck with the modding and hopefully I'll meet you in the spring or summer at one of the regular bi-monthly meets in TO.

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If it were me with an 06 XRS, I'd do the following for starters:
Injen CAI - RD2076
Magnaflow Exhaust - 15759
Progress RSB - 62.2150
Energy Suspension Motor Mounts - 8.1101

Then I'd save up for some springs (Tein preferably) or coilovers (best option). Drive it...enjoy it ...until its time to replace the clutch, then I'd go Fidanza 3.4 and replace the flywheel as well. I'd slap on a Vibrant, TRD or DC Sports strut tower bar too while I was at it.

Turbo - you'll have to have some pennys saved to go this route
Plug-n-play chips - None available for the 06. Your best bet to start with would probably be the Power Enterprise Camcon.

Hope this helps

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And...get a short shifter by TWM.

Speed Source Cable bushings are popular and cheap. The are said to improve shifting a bit but replacing the stock rubber bushings.
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