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performance modules on ebay

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Anyone tried one of those performance modules on Ebay? The one's that claim you gain 10 - 20 HP. Sounds a little too good to be true. Just wondering. Thanx
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If it sounds too good to be true then it is... don't waste money on that crap. Get some nice headers and a good aftermarket exhaust and you'll be good to go! Depending on what engine you have and if you go wheeling or not, you can do the deckplate mod or elbow removal and the ISR mod too.
Yeah it definitly sounded like crap to me!! :lol: Thats why I didn't buy one. I was just kinda wondering what it does. Is it a timing advance or something?
It's just a resistor you can get from Radio Shack that fools the computer that the air coming in is cooler than it really is thus "giving" you more HP. From what I know and heard it's a bucha BS.
My father got one for my truck for my birthday and i will tell you . it is all a lie. there is no horse power boost or anything. don't buy it is a waist of money.:mad:
Thanks for the input guys!!
this thread should be :locked: cause it has been coverd over and over again do a search before you make a new thread how many time must this be repeated:mad:
dang 2 wicked what r u the forum police. we are all human and mabey we want real time awnsers not what has been said in the past. just take a pill it will b alright man
did a search for "ebay modules"

did a search using "ebay chips"

these are what i found by doing a search. i'm not trying to be a dick i just want to make sure people know the use of the search button. that all. sorry if i came out looking like a jerk i'm just tired of these threads and the cai threads that are all the same.
well wicked if you wanna get down to I haven't seen anything new on this site for months everything is a repeat or a question that can be aswered by common sense and bare basic mechancal knowlege.
Most people I would hope understand there is no cure all mod for to increase hp really if you mod anything you have to mod several thing to get it really work how it should.
take this mod for instance
basically your throwing a resistor in the path of an ADC (analog to digital converter and getting it to read to much air(acually cooler more oxigen rich air) andl get really an unoticed power gain, its unoticed becuase your acually running rich fowling your plugs and screwing with your gas milage. this could acualy do good after you inceased exuast copacity and intake copacity, to some extent it does increase power at the high end of the power band that most normal individuals that give a rip about their ride never get near. also vise versa. Some people only change the exuast and or intake and don't change the injectors or ecu chip to take into effct the new intake and exuast peramiters
But hey man have fun and enjoy it. this place is alway good for a chuckle., and once in a great while you just might learn something
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Yeh. That is true. The topics are all getting repeated over and over. There are some pretty interesting threads in hardcore/tech/competition though.
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