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Performance Products Sucks!

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I have bought multiple thousands of dollars in parts from Performance Products over the past 5 years. A few months back, I saw a 95.00 charge on my credit card from the company. Since I had not made purchases for over three months, I called to ask the reason for the charges. No one could give me an answer- not even billing! Finally, a customer service person said it must have been for "extra shipping" from the purchase over three months ago. I don't have a problem paying what I owe. I do have a problem with a company simply taking money from my credit card with no explanation and no ability to provide one on paper. The interesting thing is, that a service rep said this happened to many of their customers. As he put it, "some people complained and some didn"t". I think they were trying to clean up their billing before the big consolidation they made with another company. Their inability to bill correctly should not be made into a problem for me. I will never order another dollars worth of anything from this screwed up organization. If any of you have contacts at Performance Products, feel free to email this to them. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and order from a more reputable company!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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