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performance upgrades for 02 Tacoma

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Well...I am finish with my sound system but there is always room for improvement there....however I want my Taco to breath better...I am not worried about a intake because I know what to far a exhaust goes I want a cat-back exhaust built by a name brand company like Magnaflow or Gibson....however they only make swept side exit and I really hate the look of it....I am thinking about a custom exhaust at like a local shop but order my own stuff like muffler and tips....all they do is bend the pipes and weld it they way I want it to be....any suggestions on to where I can get a cat-back exhaust full built for my 02 Taco that has been tested and approve by the company to provide the hosepower they claim...I want a rear exit exhaust not swept side.
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If you haven't already check out .They have all the info you'll need to hook up your Taco.
forget about the $200 intake system. Just cut out the front of your airbox and drop in an Amsoil filter for better flow and filtration. Next, remove the intake elbow and do the ISR mod and you will have the same or if not better performance and sound than with a $200 intake. Just my 2 cents.
I've yet to see a catback system actually give as much HP as they claim....the numbers are usually close though...anyways you can get a full catback and find a muffler shop convert it to a rear-exit system...basically w/ exhausts n stuff is all the actual hp gains are around the same...go by whichever sounds the best to you
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