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photochopped my camry

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i was bored so i lowered my camry and put rims and a kit on it. also tinted the windows.

please keep in mind that it was a very quick chop.
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nice chop man, looks clean.
Not a fan of three spoke rims though.

but :thumbup:
You can really do that too, so don't say just because you don't have any money it is impossible. It will just take a while to build up your Cam, I'm in that situation right now :).
I agree with epborden, im in the same situation, i get money, and i spend money, i can never keep money....
I got 84 bux in my bankm, and i need to keep it in there lol
You know, save it for a rainey day!
paint it black with clear corner front and tails :thumbup:
Slick, I like how you just did rocker extensions instead of anything too elaborate- its Euro-style cool and not ricey

yeah i am a fan of extensions, they make the car look clean cut. i'll probably redo it when i have a few hours. anyone need something photochopped?
In my opinion, gen2s look better with more traditional rims. 3 spokes don't quite fit the style of the car. Gen2s look harder then Gen3s so a more muscle bound approach, slightly less slammed with 5 spokes. I dont know about the rest of you but I would call the gen 2 a male car. Looks like it has a pair of nutz.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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