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Photoshoped Logos on car please need help!!!

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Okay basically I have been sponcered by both Shiftgateperformance.con and so naturally I need the logos on my car. Well I would rather them be in paint and accross the entire side of the car. Could some one if they have time help me out by taking my sige pic and take the same text used on both sides front page and photoshop them on the side of my car in some sort of cool fashioN?
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u want to paint their logos on ur car??.....use stickers instead....cuz sponsors may change....easier to get rid of stickers than repainting the whole car......
i did an image for you dude.. but i got no where to post it. :( so just pm me with an e-mail or somthing...
yeah no i am planning on using vynal did I say paint? Also thanks for the photoshop please send to [email protected] also if u can look on my cardomain site and do the full side view too after I( look at this one I would appriciate it!!!!
Get your car painted first. Then get stickers done.
ya.. do it in vinyl for sure.. they can do amazing shit with vinyl now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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