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Pic from my last auto-x (Big Pic for 56k)

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I don't really post pics too often, but someone at my last auto-x snapped a pretty cool shot of me driving my hubby's teg on one of my pax runs ( the W is for Women's class on the car, i run open class STS on regular runs )

i like to get close to cones making hubby's arm go out the window :D :D :D

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lol gettn close to them or hittin them? looks like u hit the first one :p
kwel.... was the car stoped in that pic?? Cause if it was moving usally their would be a blur on the rims....
no the cone laying down is a pointer cone, so its supposed to be like that i'm just super close to the one standing up :D

the car was moving, that was just a hard turn that i was going can see the suspension load up on the front passenger tire, its way up in the wheel well, and the car is not that slammed ;)

auto-x is a blast :)

i wish i had a pic of my camry running :(

the license plate is fun, sort of a :fuckyou: to all the ricers with VTEC tuned badges ... but they all want to race thinking there must be something under the hood other than a regular LS engine w/ No VTEC and 140ish hp :lol:

Hello sweetie, <kisses to ripley> =)

I am very proud of her.. she was a passenger in my car (integra) for almost a year before I finally got her out onto the autocross corse (as a driver).

She has drastically improved this year.. driving faster and getting really close to the cones. (as we see in the photo =) )

That is my Real plate BTW =)

Here is another photo of me at an Autocross, this time in a really hard turn.. : (notice the right rear tire =) )

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You sure you dont have hydralics on that bad boy... getting some 3 wheeling on
Hydraulics would just slow me down :)

That is why I had my brakes removed.. they didn't do anything but slow me down! :lol:

I still think that it is cool that my WIFE wants to be out there with me on the autocross course. :loove:
yeah it is, what are some of your best times?
Sweet. I rather see pics of your car though :)

Like his plates. I have always wanted to change mine to Ih8Vtec, but I know I would get keyed endlessly by ricers:lol:
NICE! :thumbup: I'm diggin the HotWheels sticker too, where'd you get it?
very nice pic rip, i wish i was on an auto-x course right now:loove:
Very nice, keri! :thumbup:

and way to load up that suspension, justjoe :D

Good stuff, both of you!
NICE! :thumbup: I'm diggin the HotWheels sticker too, where'd you get it?
I think I was able to pick up the Giant Hot Wheels stickers at Pep Boys.. slapped them on some thick magnetic material, for easy removal =)

And as far as times.. the courses are always different, so it depends on the course design.. but Keri has been drastically improving her times.. and I just put up a good fight to the rest of the guys in STS.. it doesn't help anything that 2 Past SCCA National Champions are in STS with me.. <sigh> :disappoin

and thanks brink =)
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