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Pic Request: color matched tube steps (white if possible)

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Thinking about painting my oem tube steps (silver) white to match my Tacoma. Anyone have any pics of tube steps paint matched to their truck? White if possible but I would like to see any color.
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I am sure there must be someone out there who paint-matched their tube steps...
I've seen them done in speedway blue... Honestly while it "matched" it didn't look as good as I would have thought. Maybe in white would look better, but I'm not sure. I'm interested to see how it would look as well.
Photoshop them. Then you'll see your own truck with white ones.

If your post gets buried in the great pool of posts without a response, send me a PM and we'll hook up. You could e-mail me a photo of your truck and I'll do big deal.
^Cool thanks! will give this thread one more day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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