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*Pic* Think my bearing was bad?

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Figured you would like to see this. I was coming over a bridge on my way home, when I hit the last bump it felt like the axle snapped. Pulled over and got out to the strong odor of burnt metal. Trailered it home, took it apart and this is what i found:

Other side went out less than 60 miles later. Cracks were not as big, but the bearing had a pea sized notch missing out of it. Getting the hub off is easy, putting it back on is just as easy. Do yourself a favor, have a shop press the bearings:thumbsup:
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Nasty, nasty.:eek: Good thing that didn't cause you to crash. How many miles were on em'?
Roughly 142k, if they were original. Just finished putting the other side back together. Pretty easy, if you let somebody else do the press work.
I've got a thread in the DIY showing the bearings being replaced. It does require a healthy press.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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