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SO, I found a 1991 Cressida w/ 46679 miles on her and said " You can't pass on that" .....

This is my first toyota , I have had a 240 Volvo for a about 5 year , it was in Fl owned by a old lady that didn't drive much . Family got her a new car thinking that the cressida didn't work and she needed big "safer car" .

Well it didn't crank when I found it ,NSS switch, wiggled the shifter and then it was running :D Drove it to MN and found that the heater was not working was I hit cold north and at the same time so was the temp gauge not working . = a thermostat change .

It made it to Mn 2000 miles . Not bad

The next day after,the oil pressure light was on after it this up to temp . So , I changed the sensor out and then no oil light . Man was I glad , I was thinking at was a oil pump or oil sludge filter P.S. you will need a 1 1/6" or 27mm DEEP socket to remove it .

Then the ignition key would not turn the day after that!!!!!!!!!Ok ,I must at this point say I was thinking this car is a ^$^*&&^^$ ...I had my volvo for 5 years and never had problems like this but this car was owned by a old lady that just changed the oil and the front brakes ....

A little lock lubrication and it back in action !!!!!

Well ,I hope this the end of all that and i will have many years of good service . i'm planning on running E85 after I install a Conversion Kit . We have lots of it in MN :) ...

Looking forward to helping out on this forum if I can and thanks for the help I have got .... Bigvito

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+1 for the Cressida! And man, you're right, an '91 Cressida with fewer than 50k on the clock? omfg! what a steal! Keep up the maintinence and she should last you forever! (or make it a 4-door supra with a simple swap:wink2:)
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