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Pics from drift event at Tire Rack

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So, a couple buddies and I went to check out this drift thing at Tire Rack, yesterday. I'm not real certain the details, but I believe it was a school + competition. I did see a little tent with a DriftNation banner on it, but I don't really know exactly who was putting the thing on...

In any event, there was some neat driving there. Very cool. If any of you get a chance to check out actual drifting, I highly recommend it... it's really cool to see people sliding around a track, not knowing if they're going to lose it or make the turn :)

I took a shitload of pictures (thank you, multishot). Unfortunately, a lot of them were pretty far away. The interesting ones start at the end of page 30, here
You probably want broadband to view them.


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very nice brink, looks like lots of fun. my fav sequence (sp?) is of the bmw losin it:D
Looks pretty cool:thumbup: I'm sure you showed them all up with the Cam right;)

*Bro, We need to talk some more on auto-x:) (Oh, and the runs went perfect:D )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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