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Pics of my 09' DC with Icons, TSB, and 285/70/17 vs. OEM springs........

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This is before TSB, I actually lifted my truck up 2 full turns on the coilovers after the TSB and it still sits lower up front. Oh well I think it looks good, but I would rather have it level:

Before TSB with 275/70/17:

After TSB with 285/70/17:

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Oh well I think it looks good, but I would rather have it level
Looks plenty level to me. Great work :thumbsup:
Looks good, have the same truck only LB. What wheels are you running there and did you have to convince the dealer to do the rear TSB on the 09 or has Toyota finally got on the ball?
My dealer is very accomodating because I have bought a lot of cars there. I can see where they may give resistance to someone if they were unassertive.
It sits about 1/2 inch higher in the rear with 1/2 tank of gas. When it is full it sits about 3/8 of an inch higher than the front. I don't want to turn my coilovers up because I don't want to stiffen the ride. It is plenty firm for me at this height. Once they get heated up they are a much more plush ride, as will all coilovers.
I am also installing tomorrow the TRD skid plate that I got powder coated flat black. Need to go to the dealer tomorrow and get my alignment redone though because it pulls to the right and I want more caster if they can because my tires are kinda close to the rear part of the fender. I can cut some more and be good, but I don't want to have to if I can fix it with added caster.
Looks good, have the same truck only LB. What wheels are you running there and did you have to convince the dealer to do the rear TSB on the 09 or has Toyota finally got on the ball?
American Racing Mojave 17x8
This is also after I have run 600lbs of sand bags in the bed for 3 days. It was much lower with the sand in there but even hitting huge bumps it was really tough to get to bottom out. They rode kinda stiff to begin with but after a hard break in they are starting to be pretty solid and I am happy with them.
They are not for the person who wants the car like ride though.
Looks clean to me!

black out that front emblem and you are set brah!
That is a good idea, I do need to black it out. I am also installing a set of 6000K head and fog lights with a 6000K 194 running light as well. I will hook up the emblem at the same time when I get time next weekend.
looks good to me
Looks sweet dude! Are you finally happy? J/K!
Just bought 09 Taco dbl cab TRD sport and was told you can't lift 09 with STAR system. How did you get yours to work without disabling STAR stabilization system?
Um, whoever told you is a retard. Mine works fine.
Looks sweet dude! Are you finally happy? J/K!
The sensors for the STAR system measure the rotational speed of the axle shafts to determine if there is loss of traction etc., thus lifting or changing wheel / tire combinations will not effect it. You will find there are quite a few people on here with lifted 09's. Reach for the sky!
Cool. Did the local dealer do it? Did you figure out why it is not even?
Thanks in advance. FYI - I'm putting in the supercharger before I lift it. Will this affect stability?
my truck is as even as they come. it is 38 inches from ground to bottom of all 4 fenders. I am happy with the height. I am buying some toytec top plate spacers though so I can have a more plush ride.
You are wayyy too picky measuring the difference in ride height that 1/2 a tank of fuel gives you??? 1/8"??? I understand you want a nice ride we all do but unless you are sitting on a level concrete pad measurements to that fine of degree are in my opinion meaningless. As far as your ride is concerned I know it says you put on 285/70/17 but are they P tires or LT? if you are that concerned about your ride quality I hope you bought P tires because if you really want a plush ride I'd stick with P tires as long as you dont do too much offroad. Reducing your unsprung weight will make more of a difference to your ride quality than messing with your coilovers for 3/8 of an inch vs adding those top plate spacers
First of all the top plate spacers give 3/4 of lift. This will enable me to take out 3 turns on my coilovers. This is night and day. I did have them lower before the 285s, but need them this high now to clear the tires. I did cut the frame cab mount and weld in a plate. I trimmed the rear plastic and it still hits the rear fender so I am giong to trim that all back as well and have it under coated to blend in nicely. Thank heavens my friend owns a body shop to do this for me.
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