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Pics of my best mod yet!!! DIY added on page 2

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Steering wheel LED swap... Radio swap on page 6!!

So I got my LED's in the mail and completed my small project in about an hour... enjoy...

It's a lot bluer than the pics,

I took enough pics for a DIY if you guys want me to... and I have plenty of LEDs if ppl want them... bought a 50 pack, but you only need 5 if you have an SE with bluetooth, don't know about LE/XLE's

I'll get night shots when it gets dark :)
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Wow count me in for this project! Can we see a DIY guide to access the complexity for the average Joe?

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Wow, I'd like to see a DIY as well, I'll be interested in getting some of the LEDs from you to do the same project too.

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Disclaimer: Do at own risk... Soldering is required!

1) Pull the horn fuse. or else you'll get annoyed of all the honks while working the steering wheel.

2) Use a flat head to pull out the covers... use the exact location shown in the pics because that is where the release tab is located. it is the side closest to the steering wheel

Left side

3) Use a torx screw or a hex wrench located inside the opening

Right side

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