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pics of my car, tell me what you think

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cars kinda dirty, waiting for tomoro to wash it for the meet in fremont =]
kinda alot of body damage too... dunt got money to fix it either. tell me what you think.

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what kind of rims are those?
and i like how you did the whole "AMY" thing with the badging
i personally call my camry Lexi, after a good friend of mine.
Doesn't look horrible. It needs some work, but has some potential. I would work on fixing it up, especially getting things painted like the trunk and side panel. I would personally lose the fart cannon, and the front lip doesn't look quite flush. I do like the front license plate holder. The relocation of the Toyota emblem on the trunk is a nice personal touch.
Damn, the poor girl has had it lol

I definitely like the rims, and I'm sure with a little bit of cleaning up and paint, the car will look great. And I'd take off the toyota logo on the edge of the trunk if it's not gonna be in the middle, heh.
Haven't seen that before.... the "Amy" on the trunk reminds me of Britney Spears new song
I'd lose the emblems asap, especially the Toyota badge on the trunk. Once you get the money, get the trunk, hood, and quarter panel painted to match the rest of the car. Should look cleaner after that. Hmm, as far as positive feedback, I like the exhaust and drop.
I love the badge on the edge of the trunk.
go lower and get some tints going.

And where did you get that front license plate holder?
The car definately has potential. I'm not a fan of the toyota emblem on the side of trunk personally but hey it's ur ride. The car would look really good if the headlights were cleared. I believe u could get a cleaning kit at autozone or any of ur auto part stores. Other than that, keep at it and the whole thing would pay off.
quiet personally im loving this car sir! i love every aspect of the jdm touches. and that crooked emblem is a great touch imo. i may steel the idea in the future :p just needs paint. but over all

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: 5 thumbs up if i had that many

i love this car
Digging the rim and the drop. Is that a v6 ?
Looks good dude, you just have some minor stuff to take care off. I think your rear end would look much better completed debadged and paint the fender and trunk. After that give it a good clay bar, wash, and wax , you'll be golden.

btw what kind of rims are those?
Thanks for the feedback guys. To answer all your questions.

- My car is a v6
- I got my license plate bracket at Auto Zone.
- My rims came off of a '06 eclipse
honestly, i kinda like it:D

i liek the wheels, the exhaust, the lip(of course), your emblems on the back. i think if ya cleaned up the body and got it painted it would be a pretty nice little car.

your makin me liek the drift spec look for the exhaust, i may have to do it when i redo mine.
i'm with bigbird and spitfire on this. the car looks great the emblem is a nice touch very original (and i like original) the rims look sweet on there. secure the lip a bit better so you don't loose it.

as for paint your car is ready for paint. if you want you can just flat/satin black the whole car......

nice though very nice
How soon are you getting it painted?
I like the look you have going.

I would put the toyota symbol back in the grill or get a dremel.
Isn't that the "under 21" teardrop decal in the back window? LOL
Reminds me a lot of the 240sx guys I see! Nice subtle jdm, but needs some paint fa sho!

Overall very nice :thumbsup:
great!!!! all it needs is the paint job! luving the JDM style look
what suspension are you running? :dunno:
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