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Pics of my new ride....

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So I bought an 04 Accord EXL (4cyl 5-speed manual)I and picked it up rides great and looks awesome inside. Anyway, I also bought a front lip and hood deflector as well, which I installed this morning. I also stuck on my ALT 7's which are 16" 215/55/16...I think the stock rims actually look better. I know, it needs to be lowered but I'm not going to do that until the suspension dies on me.

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:sosad: Poor Camry
Looks sweet I love the color. It definitely needs a nice drop though. Good luck with the new car :)
Not a Honda guy... thats for sure... but I am really liking the interior.
I'm not a Honda guy either - but nice ride. loving the black exterior and the hood deflector. To agree with above posts, lowering it and tinting the windows would look great. Very clean interior - nice man
the wheels look soooo tiny :(

nice other than that
Yeah, the wheels look too small.
That's a nice honda- b/c it's not silver!

Henry, I thought I read somewhere in this forum, long ago in the past, that you had some sort of back condition, which would hinder the constant leg motion of a manual. Maybe I mistook it for someone else, but I suppose it was a bit of shock when I read here that you bought a manual.
Love the color, front end and interior.
The cubby hole in front of the shifter would be perfect for a carputer set up ;)

Drop the car now Henry. The way you baby your cars, it won't ever fail. I'm sure you the soft comfortable ride is nice after riding so many years in a lowered car. Especially at your age :p:
Nice. :thumbup:

Like Phi said, you gotta do a CarPC in that hole for sure. It'll just add to the, uh, "pimp factor" of the whole thing. You know, plus hours upon hours of muci and expandability for GPS navi and DVD playback. I'm stuffin' a Xenarc 7" Touchscreen in the console in front of the shifter on my Camry. :)
i really like the front but IMO the back of the sedans are ugly
Poor Camry indeed. :( I felt horrible stripping off the intake, rims and amp the other day, it looks ass now.

The rims do look small, I'm now thinking of selling them...the stock rims look much better and they are just a bit bigger which fill out that unsightly gap. Man, the gap is like 5-6 inches it's insane. I won't be lowering anytime soon...I like this soft luxo ride now, it's a change from the semi-harsh ride from my Camry.

I'll be doing a light tint overall, not for looks but only because the leather gets really hot in the sun, and sometimes I need to pick my nose in public. :D

Phi and kgasso - Carputer would be cool, but really, I'm sick of computers...I stare at one like 18 hours a day work and at home, I don't need another one in my car...but maybe, just maybe if I'm bored next year in the summer.

StructureBoy - You have the memory of an elephant cuz that was me... I did have a bad back, and tight hampstrings which made it unconfortable to drive manual. Well, my back pains have gone away (i've changed my posture and computer setup at work) but I still get occasional leg pains here and there...actually I did feel a twing of pain today while driving, I actually forgot about these things when I bought the car (haven't driven stick in years).
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no no.... anything but a honda :disappoin :(
Silver Streak said:
Phi and kgasso - Carputer would be cool, but really, I'm sick of computers...I stare at one like 18 hours a day work and at home, I don't need another one in my car...but maybe, just maybe if I'm bored next year in the summer.
Yeah but you desktop doesn't have GPS, touchscreen, voice recognition, multi-media :eek:

Kgasso: update us when the project gets underway :cool:
hey, nice color and I interior is better than the new camrys :thumbup:

but wheelgap...? remember how ours used to be stock?? :p:
What is someone going to do about his mod status.

And his blatant misrepresentation of being a Camry owner.

I smell pressure from an outside source on this one.

Toyota has made such a good rep to me I just can't own any other car.


Those bad comments were J/K :) :) :p:
^ I still own a Gen 5 (well, I maintain it, its dad's car) and my Gen 3 is still with me...can't get rid of me that easily. :nana:

Besides, I can't get paid out on my TN stock options for another 2 years.... :)
Nice my sistest has the same car silver 2 door and v6

looks nice

where did you get the hood deflector
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