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AE86 Coupe
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the title says it all I bought the car for $500
the good:Eibach springs
KYB shocks
Denso Intake
Celica/supra rims
5speed GTS(still STARTS)
JDM square Yellow fogs Bosch i think?

The bad
broken starter
broken distributer
minor vibration coming from rear wheel
rear quarter rust
front fenders dented
passanger door rusted
when i got it

Current state---

Notice the super JDM wal-mart smiley face basketball

My valve cover look sweet i did them myself

In my garage ready for welding finally​

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cool, good luck on your project!

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noice all steps of the way....:rockon:

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Nice project, keep us updated.

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Looks like you have a nice project car there. Good Luck with everything :)
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